We serve developers, owners and users reliably, from south to north

The Laptitec history consists of the success stories of two companies, Terawatt and Nuotek. The paths of the two companies united at the beginning of 2018 and Laptitec was born through their merger. The goal of the merger is to utilise the strengths of both companies and expand the available services throughout Finland with the help of 300 employees. Through the effort, we are better able to serve our customers and offer a stronger presence.

With us, all building services are completed in a reliable manner: HVAC, electrical and automation. We will provide the most functional ideas already during early phases of planning that can be used to bring your property to life in a way that you want. We also complete the actual installation work with the same commitment and insight. Our offices are located in Espoo, Tampere, Jyväskylä, Oulu and Kuopio. We offer our recognised expertise across a wide range of applications from apartment and row houses to small residential buildings, business premises, service facilities and plumbing renovations.

For developers, we offer a professional and committed design and implementation team that through cooperation will enable the property to be finished on schedule.

Owners will receive modern building technology ready for use and complete with comprehensive documentation, which will allow the property to be maintained well into the future.

Users will be able to operate in a facility that adjusts as well as possible to their needs and offers an effective, safe and appealing environment.

Plumbing renovations

A successful plumbing renovation project requires a professional partner

Homes, business premises and care facilities

A good property deserves effective building technology

Small residential buildings

Effective building technology to make residential living a pleasure