Make a safe real estate transaction

When buying a home in new construction, it is good to know the basics of the purchasing process. When you buy a home from a site under construction, you usually make your buying decision based on plans, illustrations and information on papers. You are protected by the Housing Transactions Act, but it is still good to review the sales materials carefully and with the assistance of a knowledgeable real estate broker, if necessary.

The sale of a home being built begins with  pre-marketing. At this stage, you can reserve a home without committing to it and the developer still has the right to change the details of the site.

Actual sales begin when the building permit for the site is valid and the security documents of the project are finalised and held by the bank. Carefully examine the company’s articles of organisation, financial plan, abstract of the register of mortgages and building practice description. A transaction made during the sales phase is binding.

When you complete the transaction of your new home sufficiently early, you are able to influence the materials and equipment of your future home. In addition, you are able visit your future home being built as the construction progresses before the move-in date. Our knowledgeable real estate agents are there to assist you throughout the real estate transaction process.

Home buyer's guide

Buying a home in new construction is different than buying a pre-owned home. Review the attached guide and see what are good things to pay attention to during different steps of the transaction.

Download the guide

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