From small residential builder to a successful Group in the construction industry – this is Lapti Group


Lapti Group separates from the Kastelli Group as a separate construction and building technology group. Lapti includes Rakennusliike Lapti Oy and building technology companies Nuotek Oy and Terawatt Oy. The building technology companies operate under the Laptitec name.

Lapti Group companies adopt use of a uniform corporate image. In addition to building residential and service facilities, operations focus on building technology design and project implementations for different developers.

Lapti’s regional office in Turku is opened. At the same time, Lapti’s Tampere and Turku offices are being combined as the regional unit of Western Finland.


A hospital built by Lapti is completed; Kiinteistö Oy Kiilakivi (Pohjola Hospital) in Oulu. The construction of the new operating rooms at Oulu University Hospital begins.


Lapti’s regional office in Jyväskylä is opened.


Lapti’s regional office in Tampere is opened.

Lapti invests in property development by introducing a new Profit from Lot service to the market, which is an assessment and advisory service for identifying complementary building potential.

Lapti becomes the market leader in building care facilities in Finland. Construction of day care centres and nursing homes expanded to cover entire country.


Lapti becomes a part of the Kastelli Group continuing growth as a builder of apartment buildings, row houses and care facilities.


Terawatt becomes a part of the Kastelli Group and continues as a partner of many construction companies at commercial, residential and plumbing project sites, in addition to small residential properties.


Lapti expands from Oulu to Eastern Finland and the Helsinki metropolitan area by establishing offices in Kuopio and the Helsinki region. Residential home production expansion accelerates with row houses and apartment buildings due to the new regional offices.

Nuotek Oy becomes a part of the Lapti Group. Operations continue as a designer and implementer of HVAC and electrical projects for residential and care facility building for several developers.


Rakennusliike Lapti’s operations as a builder begin officially. The company’s name was changed to Rakennusliike Lapti Oy.

In addition to residential construction, the first day care centres are completed in Muhos and Liminka.

Lapti’s promise – We build with care – also originates from this year. 2008 as a result of the international banking crisis, residential business was practically halted. At the time, Lapti had a lot of completed homes available for sale in relation to the company’s size. Funds were tied up in the inventory of completed homes and new construction could not be started until the inventory was sold.   There were very few buyers, but most of them selected a home built by Lapti after they completed their comparison. This was due to well-designed homes, high-quality materials and solutions and still keeping the price competitive. This has been one of Lapti’s key success factors throughout its history. This is where the growth years began.


Nuotek Oy established. During its early years, the company focused on designing and implementing manufacturing automation and electrical work for residential construction of new homes.


Terawatt Oy established. During its early years, the company focused on electrical work design and implementation for small residential properties and office builders


Rakennusliike Lapti is established under the name of Lappli-Tieto Oy. In the beginning, operations consisted of consulting for the construction industry and building small residential properties. Timo Pekkarinen served as the entrepreneur and Managing Director.