Lapti – one of the most rapidly growing developers

A Finnish construction Group

Lapti Group is a building services company that specialises in building homes and care premises. In addition to residential and care premises production, the company produces building technology services both as a part of its construction projects and for external customers. Lapti Group is one of the most rapidly growing and profitable Finnish developers.

Committed personnel, knowledgeable property development and the cost-effective design and build model create clear benefits to customers. They are evident as functional plans, inter-joined design and HVAC and electrical solutions and cost savings.

We build with care


A good plan results in high-quality implementation

A designated design team is assigned to every project along with responsible individuals for implementation The responsible individuals work together already during planning and ensure an effective end-result. They are responsible for ensuring that the homes for sale and building projects are carefully planned, functional and cost-efficient. As a result of careful planning, every Lapti building is energy-efficient, practical and suits its environment.

The location of the construction site is also very important to planning. We select the most suitable lots for the intended purpose and ensure that the building suits its environment. The general appeal, transport connections and service proximity are highlighted when selecting residential locations.


The best result is created through responsible building

A Lapti building is built as a result of a precise construction process. The building regulations define the basic standard that a building must technically fulfil. In addition, we at Lapti focus on responsible building and aim to always exceed the minimum requirements.

We only use professional and trained personnel and employee expertise is maintained through topical training events. We feel that every employee has the right to leave work fully healthy. We measure occupational safety in many different ways and we want to keep jobsites safe for everyone who visits the sites. The work processes during construction have been developed based on years of best practices and have been made uniform in order to increase efficiency and safety.


Well-documented quality provides security to the customer well into the future

Our goal is to deliver the site always fully ready, without errors and on the agreed date. You can rely on the accuracy of the schedule; we are proud of our reputation on schedules holding firm.

We always first complete an internal sign-off of the site. This allows us to ensure that the site is as complete as possible before the customer inspections.

Operations management system has RALA certificate

Our construction operations management system has RALA certification, which is an evaluation method conducted by the construction system and is based on an audit of a company’s operations management system. The operations management system includes a general description of operations, procedural instructions and process descriptions. The operations management system is monitored, measured and developed systematically using different methods.